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A captivating collection designed to embody distinct attitudes for every moment

Each fragrance a unique escape, crafted around individual notes

Immerse yourself in a fragrance journey through the four seasons

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Scents carry the power to dive deeper into the crevices of our minds than any other sensory input. Thus, they carry the power to awaken memories, ignite passions, and empower a new outlook on life.

We do not build fragrances with notes, but with emotions, thoughts, and dreams. Each cration by Scentude carries the possibility of awakening a new facet of your being. Of reshaping your perspective, and reinventing your attitude towards life.

  • Long-lasting fragrance

  • Premium Blend

  • Elegant packaging

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Understanding Fragrance Notes: Top, Heart, and Base

June 20, 2024|0 Comments

Perfume is a complex and beautiful composition of various scent layers, each playing a distinct role in the fragrance's overall profile. Understanding these layers—known as top, heart, and base notes—can help you appreciate the artistry[...]